Chapter 10: Discerning Growth

Sasha Mathrani and Alison Cook-Sather

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This chapter, co-authored by an undergraduate student and a faculty member, uses the concept of rhizomatic development—the spreading of an interconnected, subterranean array of influences—to describe our growth through engaging in and facilitating pedagogical partnerships. We present both co-authored explanations and alternating, individual narratives to map the multiple, always spreading rhizomes that link across contexts and times, creating a largely invisible but deeply connected network of meanings and practices. Eschewing linear-sequential causes, we write in associative, roaming ways about the increased confidence, greater clarity, and stronger convictions that develop in different directions and at different rates through partnership.

Reflection Questions for Readers

  • In what ways does the concept of rhizomatic development capture your experiences of pedagogical partnership and in what ways does it not work to characterize the kind of development through partnership you have experienced?
  • Are there other concepts or metaphors that capture for you the experience of pedagogical partnership? What are they and what do they surface or highlight?
  • What barriers have you faced in partnership, and how have you branched in new ways to grow around them?