book cover of Becoming a SoTL Scholar, edited by Janice Miller-Young and Nancy L. Chick
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June 2024

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July 2024

In “Learning from Each Other’s Journeys: Editors’ Epilogue,” Nancy L. Chick and Janice Miller-Young summarize some of the common themes of the book, such as reflecting on SoTL identity. Ultimately, Becoming a SoTL Scholar reveals that, regardless of career stage, this identity development isn’t linear. Instead, it’s a recursive process of negotiation and renegotiation. They also note that almost half the chapters in this book were written collaboratively and that identity development is especially influenced by interaction with others. After providing brief narratives of their own journeys while editing the book, they reflect on how collaboration can result in key insights that may have never otherwise been realized, an important benefit of engaging in the multidisciplinary field of SoTL and, hopefully, this book.

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