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In the reflective essay “Becoming a Teaching and Learning Scholar by Design: Strategies for Scaffolding a SoTL Career Trajectory,” Lorelli Nowell draws upon her own experience as well as the literature to describe seven strategies aimed at building a SoTL research career. Starting with practicing SoTL, she describes using SoTL to make a difference, for example, by using it to inform curricula. She also describes how to be strategic in one’s SoTL agenda by aligning with institutional and disciplinary priorities, as well as by scaffolding research funding. All strategies are illustrated with examples from her own practice. Taken together, the strategies provide an “inclusive roadmap” to inspire new scholars’ next and future steps in a SoTL journey.

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Discussion Questions

  • Reflect on each of the seven strategies identified in this chapter and use the table below to highlight your current progress as a SoTL scholar at a local, national, and international level.
Strategy Local National International
Practicing SoTL
Using SoTL to develop curricula
Contributing to the SoTL
Aligning with strategic
Scaffolding SoTL research
Leveraging relationships
Building multidisciplinary
  • What strategies in the chapter resonated with you the most
    and why?
  • What strategies are missing from the chapter that you feel are
    important in establishing a SoTL career trajectory?
  • How might you implement some of these strategies to grow
    your SoTL career?