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June 2024

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July 2024

Heidi Marsh and Eileen De Courcy write about the transition “From Industry to SoTL: Making the Case for Taking the Leap.” In contexts such as polytechnics, institutes of technology, or vocational universities, teaching innovation and excellence is a priority; however, there is typically no mandate for faculty to engage in research and scholarship. Based on their experience offering a SoTL support program on such a campus, the authors discuss some of the benefits and challenges their faculty members encountered and conclude with a series of recommendations for vocational faculty who want to do SoTL. 

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Discussion Questions

  • What barriers might a person new to research face as they approach SoTL for the first time?
  • Have you ever moved from one professional identity to another? How did it feel? What was most helpful?
  • The authors argue that the benefits of SoTL engagement extend beyond the empirical findings of an individual research project. What do you believe are the biggest benefits of SoTL engagement? Do you think this varies based on the SoTL practitioner?
  • If you were going to share your own list of key recommendations for this group of faculty (or others new to SoTL), what would you include?