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June 2024

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In “The Importance of Autonomy and Community for SoTL Engagement,” Andrea Webb, Barbara Kensington-Miller, Ann Gansemer-Topf, Heather Lewis, Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, and Analise Hofmann explore SoTL identity development among the members of their long-term, international SoTL writing group. Using the methodology of narrative inquiry, they examine their different roles as “third space professionals” and the dispositions, transitions, and tensions they have experienced as SoTL scholars and as collaborators. 

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Discussion Questions

Questions for emergent SoTL scholars:

  • What type of community could help you thrive within SoTL, and what can you do to find or create it?
  • What do you value most in your SoTL work? How do these values align with your professional identity/identities?

Questions for established SoTL scholars and brokers:

  • In your leadership role, formal or informal, how can you foster the autonomy and the legitimacy of your SoTL colleagues?
  • How can you help create a sense of community for those who engage, or wish to engage, in SoTL in your context?