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Disconnect between Instructor Feedback Beliefs and Practices

For many students, meaningful engagement with faculty beyond superficial classroom exchanges happens through the exchange of feedback on student work. Studies have shown that feedback that students receive from their teachers is crucial to their learning process and guides their…

Elon University Poll / Center for Engaged Learning 2021 Survey of 1800+ US college graduates: 50% participated in internships or work placements; 71% received feedback on final projects multiple times; 55% had meaningful relationships with faculty and staff; 85% thought college was probably or definitely "worth it"

Meaningful Learning Experiences and the Value of a College Degree

A recent survey by the Center for Engaged Learning and the Elon University Poll explored the types of meaningful learning experiences college graduates had while in school and how college helped them develop skills they’re applying in their professional careers….

"I am sure we are missing really exceptional people who will excel at whatever they are interviewing for."

Ableism in Academia: The Interview

The interview . . . the chance for face-to-face engagement . . . to assess and share knowledge, skills, excitement, “fit.” We use it for so many reasons including acceptance into a program, a school, a job—to award a scholarship,…

Many different countries' flags hang from strings through the air. With text overlaid: "When we assume that students need to go off our campuses and to other cultures to experience diversity, we have centered the majority experience as our campus experience. That is a problem."

Ableism in Academia: Study Abroad Experiences

One of the hallmark high-impact practices is engagement in diversity (AAC&U). Many campuses equate this to their study abroad experiences, which could be short-term, semester long, or combination programs. On our campus, Elon University, we have a high level of…

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Navigating Workplace Writing as a New Professional

This is the fifth blog post in a series featuring the scholarship of research teams who participated in the CEL 2019-2021 research seminar on Writing Beyond the University: Fostering Writers’ Lifelong Learning and Agency. This blog post showcases a multi-institutional…

"Mentoring relationships are sustained, developmental, and learner-centered."

Mentoring for Learner Success: Defining Mentoring Relationships

In 2020, Elon University became one of ten institutions in the inaugural cohort of the American Council on Education (ACE) inclusive learning community called the Learner Success Lab (LSL), with an institutional focus on Mentoring for Learner Success. Elon’s 2030…