Two people sit facing each other on two low, cushioned chairs in a lounge area of a university residence hall. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL: What Are Collaborative Projects & Assignments?"

What are Collaborative Assignments and Projects?

60-Second SoTL – Episode 26 This week’s episode defines collaborative projects and assignments, a high-impact practice (HIP), and explores its role in higher education. The episode features one foundational publication on HIPs from the Association of American Colleges and Universities and…

World globe on top of a dictionary in a library. "Weaver examines the barriers that hinder minority students from participating in Study Abroad and how to combat these.

Barriers to HURMS Study Abroad Engagement

Studying abroad is a high-impact practice with a multitude of benefits (Truelove 2023). Increasingly, employers are seeking graduates with cross-cultural experience, a global perspective, and critical thinking skills. In addition, research suggests that undergraduate students who participate in study abroad…

In a forest, a faculty member and two students interact "faculty staff and student should consider the length of study away programs and how that may impact their experiences"

Lengths of Study-Away Programs 

Traditionally, higher education institutions refer to study away or study abroad as a semester-long experience taken in the fall or spring terms in a country different from the student’s own. Semester-long experiences allow you to complete one or more courses…

To the left, a stack of small notebooks sit in front of a cup of pencils. On top of the notebooks is a small globe with a graduation cap on it. A banner at the top reads, "Incorporating high-impact practices in study away." A second overlay reads, "Part 1 of a 4 episode series on study away."

Incorporating High-Impact Practices in Study Away

60-Second SoTL – Episode 20 This episode, hosted by Vanessa Truelove, follows up on the blog post, “High-Impact Practices Abroad: The Key to Enriching Study Away Programs.” Specifically, it features two articles that study the effects of combining elements of high…

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High-Impact Practices Abroad: The Key to Enriching Study Away Programs

High-impact practices (HIPs) are educationally purposeful activities that increase the likelihood of students achieving desired learning outcomes (Buck 2020). Within the American Association of Colleges & University’s official list of 11 high-impact practices, studying away is identified under Diversity/Global Learning…

Elon University Poll / Center for Engaged Learning 2021 Survey of 1800+ US college graduates: 50% participated in internships or work placements; 71% received feedback on final projects multiple times; 55% had meaningful relationships with faculty and staff; 85% thought college was probably or definitely "worth it"

Meaningful Learning Experiences and the Value of a College Degree

A recent survey by the Center for Engaged Learning and the Elon University Poll explored the types of meaningful learning experiences college graduates had while in school and how college helped them develop skills they’re applying in their professional careers….

A quote by Dr. Longmire-Avital discussing how to construct an equitable apology.

The High Impact of an Equitable Apology

Brantmeier (2013) outlines a strategy for adopting a pedagogical approach of vulnerability that frames a co-constructed learning space between the educator and the student that both fosters trust and sustains effective diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. The vulnerability should be mutual…

"Are we considering what students bring to our campuses and creating pathways and pipelines that integrate and honor their experiences and expertise?"

Inclusive Capstone Experiences, Pathways, and Pipelines

Capstones as a high-impact practice are intended to provide students with the opportunity to integrate their learning across the undergraduate experience, often applying their knowledge to solve problems or ask questions while promoting student agency (Ketcham, Weaver, Moore, and Felten,…