If we use the right pedagogies and create supportive environments, we as educators could... come to view learning as an opportunity to raise more conscientious, ethical, and caring human beings.

TLTHE Special Issue on Partnerships as Experienced by Students

by Ketevan Kupatadze In this post I focus on Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education (TLTHE)’s recently published issue entirely dedicated to student perspectives on pedagogical partnerships. As student-faculty partnership becomes part of institutional teaching and learning cultures around…

Nicole Galante presenting Professional Writing & Rhetoric research at Elon University's Spring Undergraduate Research Forum

Salient Practices of Mentoring Undergraduate Research [in Writing]

Based on an extensive review of literature on Undergraduate Research mentoring, Jenny Olin Shanahan, Elizabeth Ackley-Holbrook, Eric Hall, Kearsley Stewart, and Helen Walkington (2015) identified ten salient practices of mentoring that offer undergraduate researchers intellectual, personal/emotional, and professional socialization support….

A High Impact Federal Work-Study Appointment

I was a working learner. Working learners refer to students who need to work. In a 2015 report from Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, Carneval, Smith, Melton and Price found that approximately 40% of all undergraduates are working…