Working at the Center for Engaged Learning for two semesters has been life changing in many ways. In addition to giving me structure on Elon’s campus, my role as Senior Publishing Intern has allowed me to delve deeper into the academic publishing world. I have learned a significant amount about myself and how I work productively. I have learned to use innovative programs including WordPress and Adobe Rush. In addition, I have improved my copy editing, video editing and design skills.

Book cover for Writing Beyond the University: Preparing Lifelong Learners for Lifewide Writing. Edited by Julia Bleakney, Jessie L. Moore, and Paula Rosinski.

I have learned to work in an office setting, collaborate with coworkers and take on significant responsibility as a full-time student. I loved designing the book cover for an academic publication, Writing Beyond the University. That project allowed me to manage my time efficiently, design on a strict time constraint and take constructive criticism. In addition, I have loved the marketing aspect of academic publications. After creating several designs using Adobe Illustrator, I was given the opportunity to generate SEO-based social media captions for all platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A social media graphic promoting open access publication, The Power of Partnership. This graphic was created using Adobe Illustrator
A social media graphic promoting open access publication, Faculty Factor. This graphic was created using Adobe Illustrator.

This internship fits perfectly with my future goals, as I am hoping to join the book publishing industry following my graduation in May. This internship gave me insight into all aspects of this industry. I learned the basics of multimedia marketing for all platforms, book cover design and copyediting. In addition to the mechanical skills, coming into an office on a consistent basis was the perfect chance to prepare myself for the corporate world. Especially in times of COVID-19, many of the internships I held previously were running remotely.

I would like other potential internship supervisors to know how much interns care about developing a meaningful experience. One of the most important aspects of working these past two semesters has been the relationships I formed with both of my superiors. Having the opportunity to enter my workspace and talk about personal struggles in addition to my current projects allowed me to work more efficiently. Being comfortable and setting up those relationships allowed me to digest constructive criticism much easier, learn from those around me, and set up my own work ethic. To other internship supervisors — take the time to get to know your interns and how they operate. This time together is the perfect chance to learn from one another and set your intern up for their future success outside of Elon.

The book trailer for The Faculty Factor, which I created in Adobe Rush.

Caroline Bunder is the Senior Publishing Intern for the Center for Engaged Learning and a senior at Elon University. She is majoring in Communication Design and is minoring in both Creative Writing and Political Science.

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