we recommend examining the illusions that maintain traditional academic scholarship (often distanced and privileging of particular forms of data) as the premier form of writing about teaching.

Legitimating Reflective Writing in SoTL

by Sophia Abbot When I first began working in higher education, I would ask students and faculty I worked with to reflect on transformative learning moments, how they felt about particular classroom experiences, or how they’d grown and changed over…

Developing Attitudes and Habits of Mind for Mentorship

In fall 2010, Caroline Ketcham and I (Eric Hall) entered into a co-mentoring relationship with an undergraduate research student who was interested in hippotherapy (horse therapy) and the potential impacts that these programs could have on motor/postural changes as well…

I am struck by the challenge of engaging in partnership in such a group: is it possible for us to collectively develop deep, trusting, reciprocal relationships among ourselves and with our faculty partners? How will we navigate our various positionalities and identities, and our radically different experiences and kinds of expertise?

Global Learning and Partnership

by Sophia Abbot Last January, I took a class on Engaged Learning in Higher Education. I wrote a little bit about this class in my spring post on Partnership and Mentorship at Scale, but one thing I didn’t mention was…

Nicole Galante presenting Professional Writing & Rhetoric research at Elon University's Spring Undergraduate Research Forum

Salient Practices of Mentoring Undergraduate Research [in Writing]

Based on an extensive review of literature on Undergraduate Research mentoring, Jenny Olin Shanahan, Elizabeth Ackley-Holbrook, Eric Hall, Kearsley Stewart, and Helen Walkington (2015) identified ten salient practices of mentoring that offer undergraduate researchers intellectual, personal/emotional, and professional socialization support….

“good practice requires engaging students in the inquiry process.” (Felten, 2013 p.123)

What Does SoTL Have to do with Students?

by Sophia Abbot This past October, the International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) met in Bergen, Norway, to share SoTL projects, practices, and findings. On the Center for Engaged Learning’s “What is SoTL?” page, we define…

"Students as Partners has created another meaningful space for the negotiation of power and hierarchy in Higher Education (HE) institutions. How might partnership be embraced as an ethos and culture within HE, while continuing to push on the traditionalist fabric of HE institutions?"

Students as Partners at ISSOTL 2018

by Sophia Abbot and Ketevan Kupatadze Students as Partners (SaP) had a major presence at the 2018 International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) conference in Bergen, Norway, this past October. Twenty of the 247 conference sessions,…