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Starting a Conversation about High-impact Practices Online

As institutions of higher education focus more and more of their attention on student success initiatives, interventions to impact student retention, and increased graduation rates, we have all been challenged to develop innovative ways to nurture and enhance student success….

The High Impact of Engaging Race Consciously 

For over a decade, Kuh’s (2008) work on the critical importance of engaged learning has shaped the undergraduate college and university experience. Taking part in at least one engaged learning practice, dubbed “High Impact Practices,” at some point during a…

Ketevan Kupatadze

Reflections on the benefits of student-faculty partnerships

In this blog post we continue reflecting on our experience with student-faculty partnership on course (re)design. Here we will be responding to two reflective questions: Student-faculty partnership is a relatively new concept for faculty and for students. Those of us…

Ketevan Kupatadze

Reflections on our experiences with partnership on course (re)design

Following our recent experience with student-faculty partnership on course (re)design, we offer some thoughts on the process, its purpose, its benefits, and some of the risks involved. Throughout several future blog posts, we – Lucia, Erin, and Ketevan – reflect…


The Critical Space of Underrepresented Minority Students

In the fall of 2015 protests erupted on many of the Nation’s elite and flagship public universities. When I think about this tumultuous time on college campuses, I immediately remember the picture of two collegiate Black males from the University…

Karen Inkelas

June 2019 Conference on Residential Learning Communities

The Center for Engaged Learning is excited to host the Conference on Residential Learning Communities as a High Impact Practice, June 16-17, 2019, at Elon University in North Carolina. Dr. Karen Inkelas, co-author of Living-Learning Communities That Work: A Research-Based Model for Design,…