Three people are gathered in a workplace setting. Two are standing and one sits in a wheelchair. In the perimeter of the photo are variable height desks and tables. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL: Experiences of Students with Disabilities in Work-Integrated Learning."

Experiences of Students with Disabilities in Work-Integrated Learning

60-Second SoTL – Episode 18 This week’s episode features an open-access article from the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management and examines the perceptions and experiences of students with disabilities regarding work-integrated learning placements: Dollinger, Mollie, Rachel Finneran, and Rola Ajjawi. 2022….

In large font, "FAQ" overlays a wood-tone background. Below the letters is the overlay, "Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Seminar."

Research Seminar FAQs

Since releasing our call for applications for the 2023-2025 research seminar on Mentoring Meaningful Learning Experiences, we’ve received a number of questions about the research seminars and the application process, so I’m sharing the most frequently asked questions – and…

Two people work at a table. One person is in the background, typing on a laptop, while another in the foreground appears to be talking and gesturing with their hands. A third laptop is visible almost out of frame. An overlay reads, "Opportunities to Make Group Work Authentic."

Opportunities to Make Group Work Authentic

Limed: Teaching with a Twist – Episode 5 Derek O’Leary from Virginia Commonwealth University teaches advertising, a field known to require collaboration and cooperation with diverse teams, often remotely. David Buck, Gianna Smurro, and our producer Dhvani Toprani consider how…