Dozens of people sit in cap and gowns at a college graduation. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. Learning, Space, and Place in Higher Education."

Learning, Space, and Place in Higher Education

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 8 In this episode, we visit with Susan Hrach, director of the Faculty Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and professor of English at Columbus State University, and Ashley Holmes,…

Two women sit together at a table, deep in conversation. Text overlay reads, “Deeper life interactions have a strong potential to positively influence students, and mentoring relationships are an opportunistic space to weave in these interactions.”

Mentoring Relationships That Go “Beneath the Surface”

Over the past few decades, numerous scholars have conducted research on mentoring relationships in college (Crisp and Cruz 2009; Jacobi 1991). Although much has been explored and written about mentoring undergraduates, Vandermaas-Peeler and Moore (2022) recently articulated a summative and…

Students celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi by throwing colored powder on each other. Overlayed text reads: “CEL Podcasts. Limed: Teaching with a Twist. Fostering Diverse Cultural Identities”

Fostering Diverse Cultural Identities 

Limed: Teaching with a TwistSeason 2, Episode 5 Tugçe Aldemir recently transitioned into an Assistant Professor position at Texas A&M University in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture. As an international faculty member from Turkey, she is especially aware…

A woman works at a laptop. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. ePortfolios as Capstone Experience."

ePortfolios as Capstone Experience

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 7 In this episode, we visit with Carol Van Zile-Tamsen, associate vice provost for curriculum, assessment, and teaching transformation at the University at Buffalo, about UB’s ePortfolio capstone requirement for general education….

Someone types on a laptop keyboard. Only their hands are visible. Pens and a mug are to the left of the laptop. Overlays read, "CEL Podcast. 60-Second SoTL. Measuring What Learners Do with Feedback."

Measuring What Learners Do With Feedback

60-Second SoTL – Episode 47 This episode shares an open-access article from Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education and explores how to measure feedback literacy in higher education: Dawson, Phillip, Zi Yan, Anastasiya Lipnevich, Joanna Tai, David Boud, and Paige Mahoney. 2023. “Measuring What Learners Do in Feedback: The Feedback Literacy Behaviour Scale.” Assessment…