Kenn Gaither's COM232 class doing a creative and strategic thinking exercise. Working in groups and presenting to their classmates. (Photo by Kim Walker)

Partnership-based pedagogy and its discontents

In this blog I continue to reflect on my experience with student-faculty partnership during the spring of 2018 and the lessons learnt not only in regards to partnerships, but also teaching and learning in general. Here I focus specifically on…

Ketevan Kupatadze

Reflections on the benefits of student-faculty partnerships

In this blog post we continue reflecting on our experience with student-faculty partnership on course (re)design. Here we will be responding to two reflective questions: Student-faculty partnership is a relatively new concept for faculty and for students. Those of us…

Ketevan Kupatadze

Reflections on our experiences with partnership on course (re)design

Following our recent experience with student-faculty partnership on course (re)design, we offer some thoughts on the process, its purpose, its benefits, and some of the risks involved. Throughout several future blog posts, we – Lucia, Erin, and Ketevan – reflect…

Building Civic Capacity on campus through a radically inclusive teaching and learning initiative article screenshot

Student-Faculty Partnership as Service Learning

In this post, I consider Lesnick and Cook-Sather’s (2010) proposition that we recognize student-faculty partnerships as a form of service learning through its promise to develop and enhance civic engagement and civic capacity on university campuses. Undoubtedly, service learning is…

Book Cover for Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Academic Leadership in Higher Education

Student-Faculty Partnership as Cosmopolitan Practice

In this blog post I reflect on a recently published chapter “Ethics of Academic Leadership: Guiding Learning and Teaching” by Cook-Sather and Felten that appeared in an edited volume titled Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Academic Leadership in Higher Education (2017). The…

Ketevan Kupatadze

Student-Faculty Partnerships at Diverse Colleges and Universities

Following Bryn Mawr/Haverton Colleges’ example and leadership, several other colleges in the U.S. started establishing and promoting student-faculty partnership programs in recent years. Some of these are Smith College, Lewis and Clark, Oberlin, Reed, Brigham Young University and Ursinus Colleges….