In the following ISSOTL Online video produced by the Center for Engaged Learning, Arshad Ahmad, Randy Bass, Dan Bernstein, Tony Ciccone, Joelle Fanghanel, Mary Taylor Huber, Pat Hutchings, Katarina Mårtensson, Gary Poole, Joanna Renc-Roe, Jennifer Meta Robinson, and Kara Yanagida discuss future directions and emerging trends in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).


These SoTL experts call for collective inquiry, internalization of SoTL, and institutionalization of SoTL:

  • Collective Inquiry: SoTL partnerships should include students, faculty/staff, and other stakeholders. Moreover, collective inquiry across institutions enhances our exploration of complex problems and increases the likelihood of generalization. Collective inquiry does not undermine local data; rather, it promotes, as Randy Bass notes in the video above, a collaborative ethos for SoTL’s future development and relevance.
  • Internationalization: The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning strives to connect SoTL scholars around the globe. Accessing publications from other countries remains difficult, though. SoTL scholars must continue to build bridges between their individual contexts in order to propel theory building and facilitate collective inquiry.
  • Institutionalization: SoTL must be inviting to new scholars. Institutional structures, for example, must demonstrate value for SoTL in promotion and tenure processes to make a commitment to SoTL viable for new scholars.

These and other future directions for SoTL are featured in the video.

The Introduction to SoTL strand of ISSOTL Online offers additional resources on foundations for and future directions of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Jessie L. Moore (@jessielmoore) is the Associate Director of the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University and associate professor of Professional Writing & Rhetoric in the Department of English. She conducted the interviews and developed the videos for ISSOTL Online with the support of Teaching and Learning Technologies at Elon University.

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