Cover to report "Supporting Transfer STudent Success: Five Key Faculty Practices" and "This new report explores "five research-informed practices designed to help faculty reflect on and reframe the ways they think about, teach, advise, and mentor transfer students."

Faculty Practices to Support Transfer Student Success

Nearly 40% of all US undergraduate students transfer between institutions at least once, and at some colleges and university more than half of all students have transferred (Shapiro et al. 2018). Many students successfully navigate transfer, earning their degrees at…

"Are we considering what students bring to our campuses and creating pathways and pipelines that integrate and honor their experiences and expertise?"

Inclusive Capstone Experiences, Pathways, and Pipelines

Capstones as a high-impact practice are intended to provide students with the opportunity to integrate their learning across the undergraduate experience, often applying their knowledge to solve problems or ask questions while promoting student agency (Ketcham, Weaver, Moore, and Felten,…

"Book promotion -- a team effort", with screenshots of various promotion materials like book website, social media posts, and book trailers

Academic Publishing: Promoting Your Book

Once the publication date for your book is nearing, it’s time to think carefully about how you can help with promotion. Academic publishers do all they can to make sure your work will reach its intended readers, but they have…

Photo of an academic book open at a page containing a table

Academic Publishing: Creating Effective Tables

I have a love/hate relationship with tables. I love when we can incorporate any type of visual into CEL publications, but I hate to see poorly designed or unnecessary tables in academic writing. When creating a table, you have to…

Photo of hand holding a camera lens in front of a view of mountains and lake. With text overlaid: "Of all the variables on the list, I would argue that the most important one for instructors and researchers is the objective."

A Typology of Peer Assessment

One of the hallmarks of many group projects is the incorporation of peer assessment into the project grade. This strategy is often used to try to reduce the potential for inequity when individual members of groups share a common grade….