A woman works at a laptop. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. ePortfolios as Capstone Experience."

ePortfolios as Capstone Experience

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 7 In this episode, we visit with Carol Van Zile-Tamsen, associate vice provost for curriculum, assessment, and teaching transformation at the University at Buffalo, about UB’s ePortfolio capstone requirement for general education….

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Measuring What Learners Do With Feedback

60-Second SoTL – Episode 47 This episode shares an open-access article from Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education and explores how to measure feedback literacy in higher education: Dawson, Phillip, Zi Yan, Anastasiya Lipnevich, Joanna Tai, David Boud, and Paige Mahoney. 2023. “Measuring What Learners Do in Feedback: The Feedback Literacy Behaviour Scale.” Assessment…

Two men sit at a table together while one speaks and gestures with his hands. Text overlay reads, “Establishing precise definitions for each guidance method is paramount, enabling customized and effective mentorship relationships that benefit both the mentee and the mentor.”

The Big M.A.C of Academic Mentorship  

In the realm of crafting my culinary-inspired blog posts, a pattern seems to have emerged, one that I’ve unconsciously adhered to. So, if the title of this particular blog post conjured thoughts of the iconic Big Mac from McDonald’s, I…

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Salient Practices of Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 6 In this episode, we visit with Helen Walkington, Professor of Higher Education at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and Eric Hall, professor of exercise science at Elon University, about the salient practices…