Ketevan Kupatadze

What is student-faculty partnership anyway?

Although student-faculty partnership is a relatively new concept, there’s a growing international interest in the topic, demonstrated by publications such as Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching (2014) by Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, and Peter Felten, as well…

Dawn Whitehead giving keynote presentation

Reflections on Higher Impact Study Away

Dawn Whitehead (AAC&U) presented the closing keynote at the Center for Engaged Learning Symposium on Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience: Higher Impact Study Abroad and Off-Campus Domestic Study on June 12, 2017. Watch her talk here: How to…

SLCE future directions project

Toward a National Agenda for SLCE?

In an earlier blog post, we introduced the Service-Learning and Community Engagement Future Directions Project (SLCE-FDP). We invited you to join this learning community and contribute your own thinking in response to the questions: What is your vision for the…

Patti Clayton headshot

Community Members on SLCE Partnerships

Compiled by Patti H. Clayton We are co-educators. That is not our organization’s bottom line, but that’s what we do. [SLCE community partner] This blog post will be a bit different than the others in this series, less an essay and…

SLCE and level of intellectual engagement pyramid

Students as Co-Creators of SLCE

We have to keep striving, not only towards fulfilling the hope that all students will become active citizens, but the intention that they will be active citizens, that they will be committed to changing their own lives and the lives of those…

the engaged graduate student chart

Engaged Education: Not For Undergraduates Only

A decade ago, research suggested that, when it came to graduate education, colleges and universities focused more on disciplinary knowledge than civic engagement, despite the emphasis on the latter at the undergraduate level (Stanton & Wagner, 2006). Graduate students in…

The Undergraduate Experience

Improvement Matters

by Peter Felten This post originally appeared as a NILOA Guest Viewpoint on the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment website. This Viewpoint summarizes important takeaways found in Chapter 6 of “The Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most”…

Global Neighborhood

Researching residential learning communities

by Shannon Lundeen and Cara McFadden Residential learning communities (RLCs) vary widely in objectives, structure, resources, selection criteria, accessibility, curricular content, and co-curricular programs, not only from one institution to the next, but even among RLCs in the same institution….