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Student-Faculty Partnership as Service Learning

In this post, I consider Lesnick and Cook-Sather’s (2010) proposition that we recognize student-faculty partnerships as a form of service learning through its promise to develop and enhance civic engagement and civic capacity on university campuses. Undoubtedly, service learning is…

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Student-Faculty Partnerships at Diverse Colleges and Universities

Following Bryn Mawr/Haverton Colleges’ example and leadership, several other colleges in the U.S. started establishing and promoting student-faculty partnership programs in recent years. Some of these are Smith College, Lewis and Clark, Oberlin, Reed, Brigham Young University and Ursinus Colleges….

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Bryn Mawr College’s Experience with Partnership

Bryn Mawr College’s Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) developed a student-faculty partnership program, “Students as Learners and Teachers” (SaLT), that has been successfully running and expanding since 2006.  TLI’s initial goal, when it was part of a larger initiative that…

McMaster Student Partners Program

Student-Faculty Partnerships at McMaster University

In my next few blog posts my intention is to feature several higher education institutions that have been at the forefront of student-faculty partnerships with the intention of identifying some of the successful practices within this pedagogy, as well as…

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Belonging and Inclusion

In my previous blog posts I have written about the potential of student-faculty partnership to challenge the hierarchies that still exist and perpetuate inequality, as well as non-democratic structure and practices of higher education. I have also written about some…

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Undergraduate Research in SoTL as a High-Impact Practice

by Jessie L. Moore The 2016 Pre-ISSOTL Council of Undergraduate Research Symposium challenged participants to consider the intersections between Undergraduate Research (UR) and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Although some might suggest that work at this intersection is underdeveloped and…

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Productive Disruptions: Building Partnerships

by Jessie L. Moore Last month I posited that four productive disruptions (scaling access, building partnerships, thinking globally locally, and closing the loop with the scholarship of teaching and learning) can foster creative problem-solving about learning initiatives on our campuses. In this post, I…