Global Neighborhood

Researching residential learning communities

by Shannon Lundeen and Cara McFadden Residential learning communities (RLCs) vary widely in objectives, structure, resources, selection criteria, accessibility, curricular content, and co-curricular programs, not only from one institution to the next, but even among RLCs in the same institution….

Students in Costa Rica

Understanding global learning: Definitions matter

by Amanda Sturgill We have wrapped up the second summer meeting of the Center’s research seminar on Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience: Higher-Impact Study Abroad and Off-Campus Domestic Study. Five teams are making progress towards answering questions about the relationship…

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson on Excellent Practices in Mentoring UR

Brad Johnson presented the opening keynote at the Center’s Conference on Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research. He examined “Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research: What We’ve Learned & Lingering Mysteries” (video below). How to cite this post: Brad Johnson…

screenshot of Highlights from the Integrating Global Learning Research Seminar YouTube video

Multi-Institutional Research on Global Learning

Through the Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience research seminar, the Center is supporting multi-institutional research on study abroad and off-campus domestic study. This video highlights the seminar’s developing inquiry projects: We look forward to providing updates on the outcomes of this…

screenshot of High-Priority Inquiry Questions About Global Learning YouTube video

High-Priority Questions about Global Learning

Hundreds of thousands of students study abroad and in off-campus domestic study for academic credit each year, and many universities identify these experiences as high-impact practices that augment on-campus global learning. Although a solid body of research has investigated the…

Tuning SoTL map of the United States

Tuning the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

by Peter Felten Inspired by European initiatives and by calls across the United States for higher education to be more accountable for student learning, the American Historical Association has coordinated a nationwide, faculty-led project on Tuning the History Discipline in…

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler and Student

Mentoring Relationships in Undergraduate Research

In the second summer of the CEL seminar on Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research (UR), participants worked to identify the key characteristics of mentoring relationships in the context of student, faculty and institutional development.  We identified factors that contribute to…