In a time when we are increasingly thinking about equity, [democratization goals] are even more important as we think not only about ways to increase the scale of undergraduate research through curriculum but also how to expand access to underrepresented populations and how to serve them best.

Democratizing Undergraduate Research Mentoring

The last few months have been incredibly trying as we try to navigate life with COVID-19 and more recently the resurgence of #BlackLivesMatter and advocating for antiracism after a series of senseless attacks and loss of lives for many Black…

Mentoring Undergraduate Research during a Pandemic

In response to shifts to online learning due to COVID-19 in spring 2020 and in anticipation of alternate models for higher education in fall 2020 and beyond, we have curated publications and online resources that can help inform programmatic and…

Developing Attitudes and Habits of Mind for Mentorship

In fall 2010, Caroline Ketcham and I (Eric Hall) entered into a co-mentoring relationship with an undergraduate research student who was interested in hippotherapy (horse therapy) and the potential impacts that these programs could have on motor/postural changes as well…

Nicole Galante presenting Professional Writing & Rhetoric research at Elon University's Spring Undergraduate Research Forum

Salient Practices of Mentoring Undergraduate Research [in Writing]

Based on an extensive review of literature on Undergraduate Research mentoring, Jenny Olin Shanahan, Elizabeth Ackley-Holbrook, Eric Hall, Kearsley Stewart, and Helen Walkington (2015) identified ten salient practices of mentoring that offer undergraduate researchers intellectual, personal/emotional, and professional socialization support….