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September 2020

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Chapter 6 explores the nature of motivations. It details how to make required writing joyful and fulfilling, how writing for yourself can clarify questions about learning and teaching, how to find inspiration to contribute to evolving and new conversations about learning and teaching, and how to let dialogue with colleagues increase and help direct your motivation.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does your motivation relate to your identity or identities as a learning and teaching scholar?
  2. If you are writing about learning and teaching only because it is required or expected by your department or institution, how can you make such required activity joyful and fulfilling?
  3. What kind of writing is best suited to clarify your own questions about learning and teaching?
  4. How might you inspire yourself to contribute insights, approaches, challenges, and recommendations to any given evolving discussion or new dialogue about learning and teaching?
  5. In what ways might dialogue with colleagues increase and help direct your motivation?