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September 2020

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September 2020

Chapter 24 offers some general recommendations for drafting texts about learning and teaching that should apply across all genres. After discussing the importance of clearly articulating your argument, this chapter lists questions you might ask yourself as you draft each genre.

Discussion Questions

  1. How might you use structures, guiding questions, outlines, and dialogue with critical friends to help ensure that you clarify and embrace your values as a writer and use the drafting process to learn?
  2. With which expectations are you already familiar in any given genre, and with which do you need to familiarize yourself?
  3. What structures or questions might be most useful to you in your drafting process?
  4. At what points in the drafting process might you use outlining and why?
  5. In what order might you fill in different sections of the texts and why?
  6. Which of your critical friends might you consult at different stages of drafting and why?
  7. At what point do you feel your texts are ready for submission?