These resources support and expand upon the information shared throughout Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Download all the book resources in one zipped folder.

Reading Group Guide

The Reading Group Guide [PDF] contains discussion questions from each part of the book. There are additional discussion questions for each chapter within the text and on the part and chapter webpages.

Other Resources

Checklist before Submitting Your Manuscript [PDF]

Curated List of Blogs and Multimedia Resources about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Distinction between Thesis, Argument, and Argumentation

Example of a Review Using the Template [PDF]

Example of Response to Reviewers [PDF]

Experience of International Collaborative Writing Groups

Functions, Appearances, and Publishing Locations of the Eleven Genres [PDF]

Giving and Receiving Effective Developmental Feedback [PDF]

Guiding Questions for Planning, Revising, and Refining the 11 Genres:

  • Blog Post: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Books: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Case Studies: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Conference and Workshop Presentations: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Edited Collections: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Empirical Research Articles: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Literature Reviews: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Opinion Pieces: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Reflective Essays: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Stories: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Teaching Awards, Fellowships, and Promotions: [PDF] [DOCX]
  • Theoretical and Conceptual Articles: [PDF] [DOCX]

Overview of Eleven Genres to Support Writing Drafts [PDF]

Planning Tool for Drafting Your Abstract: [PDF] [DOCX]

Project Plan for Research: [PDF] [DOCX]

Sample Three-Year Writing-for-Publication Plan: [PDF] [DOCX]

Selected Books about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Simple Publication Plan for Getting Started: [PDF] [DOCX]

Template for Writing Reviews [PDF]