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September 2020

Chapter 8 explores multiple considerations in choosing an outlet, including identifying the audience and the conversation you are joining or trying to create; publishing within and reaching beyond discipline-specific learning and teaching journals; publishing in “high-prestige,” open access, and institutional outlets; writing a book chapter; identifying when to select an outlet; and understanding the focus and the research norms of the outlet.

Discussion Questions

  1. Will the outlet put you into dialogue with the intended audience (general higher education/discipline/region)?
  2. Does publishing in “top journals” in your field matter for your career progression?
  3. Are you in a hurry to get the work published?
  4. Have you considered developing a publication plan that reaches varied audiences with different forms of scholarship?
  5. Do you have the opportunity to submit a chapter to an edited collection? If so, is this a more suitable outlet for you than submitting to a refereed journal?