Two people sit at the corner of a table looking together at a notebook. One person points to something on the page. In the background, two other people talk in front of a white board. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. 60-Second SoTL. Using Scenarios to Explore Student Faculty Partnership."

Using Scenarios to Explore Student-Faculty Partnership

60-Second SoTL – Episode 46 This episode shares an article from the open-access journal, Teaching & Learning Inquiry, and explores how role-play scenarios facilitate reflection on the complexities of student-faculty partnership: Woolmer, Cherie, Nattalia Godbold, Isabel Treanor, Natalie McCray, Ketevan Kupatadze, Peter Felten,…

A person works at a table. A laptop is open to their left, and they're writing on a tablet to the right of the laptop. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. Lifewide Writing in College."

Lifewide Writing in College

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 3 In a 2021 survey of recent U.S. college graduates, conducted by the Elon Poll and the Center for Engaged Learning, 94% of participants indicated that writing was somewhat or very important…

Four people look at a laptop together and smiling. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. Making Connections in College."

Making Connections in College

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 2 In a 2021 survey conducted by the Elon University Poll and the Center for Engaged Learning, 54.5% of recent college graduates indicated that they’d encountered meaningful relationships with faculty or staff…

A group of students and a local community partner stand in front of a thatch-roofed building, pointing and looking at something out of frame to the left. Overlays read, "60-Second SoTL. Mentoring Undergraduate Research in global Contexts."

Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts

60-Second SoTL – Episode 45 This week’s episode shares an open-access article from New Directions in Teaching and Learning and examines how U.S.-based colleges and universities support mentoring of undergraduate research in global contexts: Cruz, Laura, Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Eric E. Hall, Amy L….

A student sits at a table with a book open and a pen poised over the page. Overlays read, "CEL Podcasts. 60-Second SoTL. Shaping Student Study Strategies."

Shaping Student Study Strategies

60-Second SoTL – Episode 44 This week’s episode shares an open-access article from Teaching & Learning Inquiry and examines how in-class interventions might influence students study strategies: Maurer, Trent W., and Emily Cabay. 2023. “Challenges of Shaping Student Study Strategies for Success: Replication…

A person works on a laptop at a cafe. An overlay reads: "CEL Podcasts. Making College Worth It. Preparing for Workplace Writing."

Preparing for Workplace Writing

Making College “Worth It” – Season 1, Episode 1 In a 2021 national survey of recent college graduates in the U.S., young professionals indicated that writing was very important to their daily lives, but only 80% reported developing the writing…

Question words form a question mark on a page surrounded by markers. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL. Teaching Arts-Based Data Analysis."

Teaching Arts-Based Analysis

60-Second SoTL – Episode 43 This week’s episode shares an open-access article from Teaching & Learning Inquiry and explores arts-based data analysis and a strategy for teaching it to emerging researchers: Moreno, Rhia, Kate Hobgood Guthrie, and Katie Strickland. 2023. “Incorporating…

Six people complete varied tasks in a flexible work space with a mix of table heights and seating options. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL. Lifelong Learners' Successful Work Adjustment."

Lifelong Learners’ Successful Work Adjustment

60-Second SoTL – Episode 42 This week’s episode features an open access article from the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning and explores how characteristics of lifelong learning inform work-integrated learning students’ work adjustment at co-op sites: Drewery, David, and Judene Pretti. 2023. “How…

Two women sit side-by-side at a table, looking at a notebook. One has a pen in hand and the other is pointing to something on an open page. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL. Developing Students' Metacognition Through Peer Education."

Developing Students’ Metacognition through Peer Education

60-Second SoTL – Episode 41 This week’s episode features an open access article from the International Journal for Academic Development and explores how professional development on metacognition informs the practices of peer educators: Wass, Rob Tracy Rogers, Kim Brown, Kelby Smith-Han, Jacqueline Tagg,…

A person sits cross-legged on the floor, holding a notebook in their lap and a pencil in one hand. In front of them, a laptop placed on the floor displays a video of a woman in front of a book case. Scattered around the laptop are headphones, books, and cellphone, and other study supplies. An overlay reads, "60-Second SoTL: Student Engagement with Video Syllabi."

Student Engagement with Video Syllabi

60-Second SoTL – Episode 40 This week’s episode features an article from College Teaching and explores whether video syllabi impact how students engage with syllabus content: Kerrigan, John, and Christina Bifulco. 2023. “Syllabus 2.0: Using Videos to Make the Syllabus Active.” College Teaching. View a…