Chapter 13: Advancing New Perspectives: Theoretical and Conceptual Articles

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Chapter 13 discusses how, in contrast to presenting primary data, theoretical and conceptual articles allow you to play with theories and concepts through deeper scholarly consideration with the goal of illuminating new possibilities. This chapter offers a flexible guide to the organization and composition of a conceptual article along with a discussion of the benefits and complexities of writing a theoretical or conceptual piece.

Discussion Questions

  1. What learning and teaching topics fascinate you and need, to your mind, deepening or reconceptualizing?
  2. Which topics intrigue, excite, disturb, concern, or worry you and therefore warrant addressing?
  3. Which of our Guiding Questions do you think you need to address to write your theoretical or conceptual article? What other questions are important for you to tackle?
  4. What outlets might be interested in publishing your theoretical or conceptual article?

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